Sunday, December 8, 2013

Elegy on the Death of Mr. .Nelson Mandela

I know not much about you
But I adorn you
You too joined the realm of the dead
Like our Hugo Chavez did.

You are essential on the earth
To remain as a symbol of masculine man
Your pragmatic life in public and private
I observe with élan and gay
I wish if I could live as you
Nay ……you are a phenomenon
Have reached the cliff of greatness
Greatness is achieved by hard fought sacrifice.

The altar has beckoned you many times
But you have made it as a podium
You are a crusader for the mankind
Like a voyager in the sea
Oh…none was born here as you
You are an iconoclast
A protagonist in the world drama
Your political philanthropy is unsullied
And you refined the annals of history
I shall ask the world to adopt it.

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