Friday, July 26, 2013


Marital Discord

The writer has looked at the profile of the Indian members of  social media  there are myriads of family separations or divorce or complications. How and why it has occurred requires a harangue. Indians move away from our traditional ethics, vedic scriptures and accept western ways in which one is able to enjoy  unbridled self autonomy in life and deteriorate moral values and invite long term curses and obstacles in life. What we do, its consequences will chase us. Indian traditions admonishes every family to enjoy  unbiased and unwarrantd sexual passion with  own wife or husband in profuse. But Indian families do not pay heed to it.Couples should have the minds to accept sexual  failures and make up them in future course. Failures  be given superficial propensity. Everyone fails on numerous occasions everyday. It is not the end in itself. If one looks at .P.B Shelly’s Ozimandias  that depicts the concept of delusion and futility in achievements and the so called success. The OZIMANDIAS syndrome is a pragmatic tip to all to adopt an easy and generous life.
                Sacrifice is a  major factor to keep a family in gay and agile. It is labourous and a persistent affair. One cannot make one’s life a success without sacrifice for the family. If the husband is not behaving responsibly to family, the wife has to embrace sacrifice and viceversa. It is a selfless dedication of mental and physical inputs  as well as  financial generation to the family. This has to be performed throughout one’s  life span and the knowledge of its importance is not known to the beneficianaries.The immaturitity gap  will go on and the person may feel dejected of performing the sacrifice.He or she has to imbibe it into his character. This may bring marginal satisfaction to him. It is a process of checking a deluge of family disintegration
                Contemplations, weaving of thoughts to reach at conclusions, delusions, skepticism, and other related factors work in spouse. It may find a fusion but the spouse must think of the concept of familyhood.It is a sublime, and an indispensable benchmark of ire and post ire. The spouse should keep in mind that  familyhood cannot be broken on any account. In such families there won’t be a marital discord conducive to  divorce or separation.
     Mores must be given  utmost priority. Every couple must  comprehend the importance of it in ones character.It widens  to see what evils and good fall in one’s life and manifests an endurance to remove the evils and accept the good with a light mind.It is the cream of the family character and personaliy.

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