Thursday, July 25, 2013



Sober layer yearns for wealth but good money. They have specifications and a few bench marks in their lives that impede them to remain in the layer itself. They take only the money that deem fit to them. Hence they confine to middle class and upper middle class life.

            The layer doesn’t have lofty impressions to problems. They desire the problem to gentle to knock at it gently to dissolve into nothing or otherwise its utilitarian efficacy can be felt in mind to regal.

This utopian stick boils away and exacting mess and vex of it swift through their brains. This can be the point of capitulisation.

            Their concept of marriages and conventions are compact, real and far from flaunting. In them there are the elements of good thoughts, mutual conscience and understanding. Life style adjuncts foppish wardrobes and other paraphernalia in life have very limited scope.

will they run the race? They know that they will not. They are wise enough to infer. Steel they pursue because of their mind set and profile. This act has the elements to imbibe good concepts in society of which the cultural elements whining its wilt. In this area their ideas find a recoup. A poise must persist between right and wrong, vices and virtues, good and bad, truth and lies, justice and injustice, peace and anarchy. Those who contribute positives are welcome in discreet.

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