Tuesday, July 30, 2013



I had a romance in my college days
She was  a cute and a thin lass
The juvenile innocence in her eyes
I tore through my eyes
Both were said mum
The year went by gum
I had trodden for job seeking
And landed as a faculty in a tutorial
She came for tuition to get on
Then we met once again to set on
My immature romance began
But she was more mature than I
She gazed and smiled on in the class
I  gayed but affected composed
I  asked what the problem was
She replied  ‘I’ the problem was
Then we resumed the journey of love
Years went by then
She was firm in her mind
Her college mates told me
To a few she was oversocial
And hence she may end up in science
My friends asked me what a girl I had chosen
And didn’t get any other
The words resonated in my mind
Without a simmering in day and night
The next day we had a quarrel
The next day she went away
It was a separation for ever
The  love lost for ever
Gopinath Panicker

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