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Appreciate others mistakes as mere mistakes. It is a tall order without which no one can live long in peace and harmony. The other side of it is moral policing. He or she can turn active against anyone. It will be a death with breath.

Gauge the circumstance of committing the wrong whether it is performed delinquent or a nuance. To err is human and must be looked at it humane. Village level politicians and theocrats must absorb this virtue otherwise their prospect of staying in power and position will tumble. Old wolves do not float long. There will be a day when they fumble and the young guns make their salvo. There is a Tamil movie from Bharathi Rajas stable called Bhommalattom in which a CBI Commissioner exonerates a boy who has committed two murders in uncanny circumstances. It is again a tall order. But the society does not spare them. It is very difficult to survive in a torturing society. We cannot blame politicians and judiciary. They operate amid such tremendous sorts of problem creating lobbies and hence not in a position to think of executing laws that can make radical changes in society. They just run the show by keeping their ideas of a better state at the corner of their minds.

Clemency can combat the moral policing. It is imperative in every mortal. Though it is transient an attribute, it is pertinent in sociology. It is a boon in ad hoc circumstances. Some do not brace to wade in an atmosphere of clemency.

Every law is being enacted with the aim of a comprehensive coverage. Some laws cannot cover a few specific sections of citizens. If a person finds out a few loopholes of a particular law and perform a deed in deliberate perception of amazing wealth and position, such men are not victimized in this vile activity. He is already mentally prepared callous to confront such likely imminent issues. To such mans lexicons do not bear the words moral policing. Still they tumble into some other baits.

The element of pardoning is one of the benign states of affairs. By practicing it is a society can reduce moral policing. It must evolve out of human minds without any barriers of caste or creed or religion. This sublime concept dispenses the accused to live a life with gay. If we can legislate to cover this abstract as well as harmful area it will be a frame work that can add strength to observe. We can also complain those who do not observe it.

We live in a place of population densely packed land. Life has become miserable without money. Expenses on life style and customs and conventions crossed over other expenses like cost for food, shelter and cloths. Hence the avaricious societies have begun a witch hunt in pursuit of material life. In the rate race they dropped propriety, ability to identify an issue properly, understanding chance occurrences and common mistakes that generally peep into daily affairs, wise, realistic and pragmatic approaches to social and personal issue and other things somewhere.

Right minded people suggest up bringing children with cultural elements being implemented in them. Something lack in every age and it cope up on the next age. Mechanisation and I T revolution though not in compatible with cultural development, the very nature of the profession tempts them to confine to idiot box.

Give the coming generation opportunities to bump- across with others difficulties. Let them probe for a comparison through introspection. Let them take part in rural development and voluntary services. In the University level students are having a few opportunities to perform and practise these areas. They can participate in cultural and issue based seminars. Give them an environment to read widely on socio-economic and cultural issues. Lead them to live with practical wisdom. Let them identify defamatory branding. Let them foster mental resilience to resist against these sorts of proscriptions. Lead them to an atmosphere to gather skills to dig out actual truth from the large chunk of shabby opinions and delusion and live by practicing truth and wisdom. Give them opportunities to attain ability to identify the important factors in a problem. This is the stepping stone towards wisdom and for the real life.

Social activists and philanthropists can endeavor to strike a balance in society. They finger point to big and grave issues. Still their voices on big issues can have the effect on small issues. Thereby smaller issue cannot show prowess to heat up. Because moral policemen are not temporal super kings. They are the

upper middle layer. Today world is badly in need of upright, candid, dedicated, wise and expensive social activists and human lovers. They are scarce his relation to their demand. Human resource departments in every country should take a categorical vow to stoop their level best to bear and rear maximum possible number of social reformers and cultural workers.

UNESCO, UNICEF and world level public relation fora give nod to these enterprises. It can be started from village level clubs by conducting seminars and awareness speeches on the imperativeness of social reformers, thinkers, human and animal lovers and nature lovers, philosophers free from political or communal lopsidedness. Ham media is a budding centre. Schools and colleges can give birth to social workers.

Propagating the idea that success in life is not attainment of fortune. Ozimandiaz syndrome is very much befitting to reflect that success is the process evaluation of the quality of your work, life of thought and obsession to quality.

A day is going to be dawn when these moral policemen will feel fear of social workers. The reprehensible social scourge must be eradicated from the world community. Everyone must imbibe self administration and self regulation in their character.

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